October 5, 2016

Baguio and the Cold Weather

We went up to Baguio ready to face the coldest of the cold. Even after reading that the temp would be close to Manila weather already, we still packed in our warmest clothes and hoped for heat. Well be careful for what you ask for you just might get it kicked in and we only had a couple of hours of biting cold and then it was Manila December weather all the way.

Half of Manila went up to Baguio for the three day weekend excited to experience “American weather”. Since the roads were almost gridlocked because of that thought we got to Baguio at almost dusk time. It was not cold but we still felt the nippy dippy around dinnertime and was already shaking a bit by bedtime.

The rest of the weekend was great enough for us to walk around the city. It was windy but not biting, it was cool enough to go up the hill of session road without sweating beads. All in all it was a great experience to have. Might do so again next December.

Keeping things in Good Shape

It’s hard to find a good oil to clean high-end instruments. Some are not as reliable as they say, while some are just downright destructive to the instrument. This is why it is important to invest in a high quality oil—it is how you keep your instrument in good condition and well-maintained.

I heard from my band mates that I can find the best hanger 2 —it is well recommended by most of my friends and I think I’ll give it a try. I’m very careful with the things I use to clean my valve because I want to keep my instruments looking good as new. I’m a very sentimental person and I prefer old things to new items.
September 13, 2016

The Best Character for your Skill Level

My school is performing Nutcracker Jr. the musical not the ballet and I was chosen to be the female lead Marie. (Yippee!) We haven't received the scripts yet so I have no idea what the play is about and would like to know what happens. I'd also kind of wanna sort know the parts in the play and what they are like, not who they have been played because that's all I've gotten in my research.

One of my closest friends told me that there are so many different parts about the musical story. Since it is musical, so, they suggested me to focus more about the primary character that will be a good fit to me. And yes! I did some research on the YouTube itself and search for some musical play about the cheap dj equipment. It really gives me an interest to make the best out of me during the final judgment.
September 8, 2016

My Sister is Reading My Diary

A diary is a private thought that come into words. So I don’t like my private life is being seen by anyone else, including my family. My sister is a noisy little thing. No matter where I hide my diary, she always found a way to have it and read it. It gets me annoyed. So, one day I decided using a code to write the diary. But, as it’s turned out I can’t even read the diary.

I should buy a diary with a lock in it. She also wrote a diary when she is bigger and I teased her about reading it. But, she said she doesn’t mind. Of course, I never read her diary because I know that it will invade her privacy. Because she learnt Japanese language, all the words in the diary are written in Japanese so I can even read it if I wanted to. She said that I can go ahead read it but first I need to learn Japanese first.
August 4, 2016

A Certified Page Turner

I so love reading book. It takes me places I have never been too without leaving the comfort of my own reading nook. I can read about 10 to 15 books in a month depending on how beautiful the story is.

About 2 weeks ago I bought 22 eBooks from an online shop. As of today only 7 books are left unread. My husband even wonders how I manage to squeeze in reading time when I am very busy taking care of the boys. Now I am reading The President’s Vampire. It’s a certified page turner. The story line is really good which based on the title is about a vampire working under the president of the country. This vampire swore a blood oath to protect and follow. Last night instead of sleeping right after the kids went to bed I went straight to reading and didn’t stop until the sun rises and it’s time to prepare the kids for school.

That is how good the book is. I am willing to stay up the whole night just to finish it. I probably would stay up really late tonight just to finish the book.
July 7, 2016

Almost Crashing To Another Car

I know that I can’t drive a car. But, sometimes I always have a moment where I am not convenient being driven by some driver that like speed over anything. When my trip to the remote village started, the driver almost crashed into another car and I yell out loud. I am not sure I want to repeat that experience. I tried to warn up the driver but I guess I can’t do much about his driving habit.

That’s why if my brother is driving, I always told him to take it slowly and be careful. I don’t mind arriving a bit late but safer than fast but reckless. I know that I don’t want the driver in the car to go over the speed limit. Accident can happen in the blink of an eye, so I always love a driver with responsibility to driver his or her car with care. Because, I don’t mind being a bit late but feel safer all the time.
June 8, 2016

All men should try this

I saw this awesome video about two dudes who tried to undergo through labor, because they think that men are tough and they could probably handle the pain felt by women who are experiencing labor. They had electrodes attached to their abdomen. These electrodes will give them the same contractions that the women and undergoing on the hour of labor. They were given the first simulation which is the light contraction, of course their wives are there to give them support as well as laugh at their faces.

The early contraction was bearable for them but you can see that they felt pain but when they were down to the active part of labor they were going nuts, lying side wards and just completely in pain. Their wives had the inappropriate reaction of laughing at their state. If that will happen to my husband probably I’ll laugh too because men ought to know how women went through just to bear a child. It’s not easy, and I admire just how brave these men are to actually experience all that.